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Is New York the Best Place for a Rhinoplasty?

If you do not know anyone who has had a New York rhinoplasty, you are in the minority. Even with the popularity of all cosmetic procedures increasing each year, the standard "nose job" remains near the top of the list. After all, since the nose is at the center of the face, it is arguably seen more often than any other feature.

However, even with the popularity of rhinoplasty ever on the rise, there are many more individuals who are interested in having a nose job but, for some reason, are reluctant to go under the knife. Some are not sure about how to pay for the procedure. Others are worried about finding a good surgeon. Still others have simply watched too many medical shows and are scared of the pain or possible complications. These fears often keep people trapped in a body which they hardly love.

If you fall into one of these categories, welcome to one of the best websites to help ease your fears and answer your questions. Read on!

Is a New York Rhinoplasty Right for You?

Before going under the knife, you should ask yourself the following question: Is a New York rhinoplasty right for you? The most obvious and common reason to have a rhinoplasty is because the individual is unhappy with the way their nose looks. Some things, however, make people better surgical candidates than others. For example, it is easier to make a large nose smaller than to make a small nose larger. Also, most surgeons are reluctant to do the procedure on teenagers under sixteen because there is a possibility that the nose will continue to grow after surgery or that the patient will regret the decision later.

While there are tangible risks associated with every type of cosmetic procedure, serious complications are rare. Pain, bruising, and swelling are also expected, but most people believe that the process is worth the results. Keep in mind, though, that most insurance companies will not pay anything towards an elective cosmetic procedure, so you should expect to pay several thousand dollars out-of-pocket. Check with your particular company, though, if your procedure is reconstructive (i.e., you are repairing the damage from a serious car accident, etc.).

Perhaps the most important aspect of this process is picking the correct surgeon. Most importantly, make sure your physician is certified by ABPS, or the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This is the ONLY way to be certain that your doctor has had specialized training in cosmetic procedures. Visit www.abplsurg.org for a list of certified surgeons in New York and/or other areas.

As with any procedure, you should do plenty of research before you enter the operating room. Visit plenty of surgeons before you make a decision, frequent health websites, read books, and talk with friends/family who have had similar or the same procedure. After all, a well-informed patient has a better chance of being pleased with his/her results and a smaller chance of being caught off-guard by post-surgery results and/or complications. With a little research, you can be on your way to the nose you've always desired in almost no time. Good luck!

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