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Pros and Cons of Facelifts in the Los Angeles Area

In recent years, Los Angeles facelifts have become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in California. Unfortunately, however, many people go under the knife without all the appropriate information on risks and cost and without being certain they have chosen the right surgeon. More than anything else, this lack of information often results in less than satisfactory results and more than expected medical bills.

Fortunately, in the next few paragraphs, you will be told the basic information you need to know before going under the knife, as well as how to find other resources that will contain more in-depth discussion about the procedure.

Should You Have a Los Angeles Facelift?

Even before picking a surgeon, you should ask yourself the following question: "Should you have a Los Angeles facelift?" While more facelifts are performed each year in Los Angeles than in most other cities of the world, there are still inherent risks involved. As with all surgeries, though rare, there is the risk of infection and/or death. Other risks, however, are relatively minor; the most common complaint is that the procedure did not smooth out wrinkles as much as expected and/or did not make the person look as much younger as had been hoped.

Once you've decided a facelift is definitely for you, it is time to begin picking a surgeon. Make sure your chosen physician is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS), which is the only way to be certain he/she has had specialized training in cosmetic procedures. According to the ABPS website, www.abplsurg.org, there are 79 certified surgeons in the Los Angeles area. Upon meeting a surgeon, be sure to ask questions about how many procedures he/she has performed and ask to see before/after pictures of prior clients. Be wary of surgeons who do not want to discuss their previous success with you or who are much cheaper than their competitors.

Once you are completely comfortable with your decision to have a facelift and have confidence in your chosen surgeon, take some time to relax before the surgery date. Think about taking pictures and/or visiting family/friends. Knowing that you will have the face you've always desired by the next time they see you will only serve to calm your nerves and lift your spirits. Good luck!

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