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Live in San Diego and Want a Breast Augmentation?

Have you ever considered having a San Diego breast augmentation but, in the end, turned your back on the notion? If so, chances are your case of cold feet was brought on by a lack of information. Perhaps your friend spent two hours telling you stories of horrific pain and swelling, or maybe you saw a talk show about "Cosmetic Surgeries Gone Wrong." In reality, however, there is a reason that cosmetic surgeries are among the fastest growing elective procedures in the medical community today: Most people have no complications and are more than pleased with their results. Generally, those who are unhappy when the healing process is complete are those who went under the knife uneducated and ill-informed.

Fortunately, you have stumbled upon an easy-to-understand website that will guide you through the basics of breast augmentation in the San Diego area, including tips on how to pick a surgeon. Remember, though, that this website strongly encourages you to seek out other sources of information above and beyond our few paragraphs; there is a wealth of information out there just waiting to be discovered!

The Basics of San Diego Breast Augmentations

Once you've decided surgical intervention is the best way to gain the cleavage for which you've always wished, it's time to learn the basics of San Diego breast augmentations. The first step is to do research on the surgical procedure in general, since most breast augmentations are done in more or less the same way. In short, a small slit is cut in the breast in a non-obvious location, and an implant is slid under the muscle the create a natural look and feel. In addition to basic research on the procedure, it is also a good idea to do research on possible risks, including complications due to anesthesia, and to visit online sites where real women discuss issues such as pain. This will minimize the possibility of post-surgery surprises.

The next, and most important, step is to pick the right surgery. First and foremost, your surgeon should be certified by ABPS, or the American Board of Plastic Surgery (see www.abplsurg.org for details). This is the ONLY way to be certain your physician has had specialized training is the cosmetic surgery field. Finally, meet with possible surgeons. A surgeon should be upfront and honest about risks and expected results. Be wary of those who offer magical results or extremely low costs when compared with their counterparts. Don't be afraid to get a second opinion, either! There is no law that says you must go with the first surgeon you visit or the one your sister insists is a miracle worker! Different surgeons are right for different patients.

When you have followed these steps, you can feel confident, and thus less scared, on the day of your actual surgery. With a little research, you can be on your way to a brand-new body in no time!

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